Family Law Lawyer in Phoenix—Attorney Profile

Phoenix Family Law Attorneys

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, attorney Lincoln Green Jr. assists clients throughout Maricopa County with family law issues, including divorce and child custody matters.  He also has significant experience in criminal defense matters, with particular expertise in juvenile cases.

Dedicated to the Balance Required by Family Law Lawyers

Mr. Green recognizes that while many clients seek aggressive family lawyer in Phoenix, judges prefer attorneys who are reasonable in the courtroom.  Ultimately, litigation is not always in the best interest of the client.  Mr. Green takes a reasonable approach to cases, often resolving issues in settlement negotiations and thereby saving his clients the time, expense, and stress associated with contentious litigation.  However, not all cases may be successfully resolved in negotiation, and when litigation is in the best interest of his client, Mr. Green serves as an aggressive and tireless advocate.

A Family Lawyer in Phoenix with the Experience and Resources to Provide a Full Range of Support

Mr. Green's extensive family law experience encompasses issues stemming from divorce–such as visitation, child and spousal support, and division of marital property—as well as other family law matters, including adoption, domestic violence, and the rights of grandparents.  Alongside his family law practice, Mr. Green handles state and federal criminal defense cases, taking a special interest in juvenile matters.  His experience with juvenile issues also includes severance actions for unfit parents and abortion petitions on behalf of minors.  Juvenile cases sometimes call for psychiatric evaluations, and Mr. Green regularly works with a network of local experts who can assist with these issues as they affect criminal as well as child custody and visitation matters.






Contact Phoenix Family Law Lawyer for the Personalized Support You Need

In every case he takes on, Mr. Green aims to provide a calming influence that enables his clients to make important decisions, even when dealing with heightened emotions.  For experienced, cost-effective legal representation that is tailored to your particular needs, contact the Law Office of Lincoln Green Jr. P.C. today.